Matt Allison – Producer/Engineer

Matt started Atlas in 1996 with a vision to fill a void in Chicago’s Punk Rock scene, offering bands a refuge to bring their music to life. 21 years later, Atlas has become a Chicago staple. Matt has worked with an extensive list of artists including Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, and The Menzingers, to highlight a few. Matt continues to record at Atlas but focuses most of his time on mixing and producing artists.  

Justin Yates – Engineer

Utah native and Conservatory of Recording Arts graduate, Justin came to Chicago in 2008 to work alongside Matt. Since then he has played a crucial role in recording new, emerging artists, as well as established Atlas alumni. Justin has developed his own voice and established himself as one of the top engineers in Chicago.

Dan Tinkler – Engineer

Dan joined the Atlas team in 2013 and immediately began making a name for himself in Chicago. Keeping with Atlas’ vision, Dan brought new artists into the studio as well as working with several Atlas veterans.

Chris DeQuick – Engineer

Acid Casualty, Friskie Morris Sessions, Hi Ho

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